Take Part in the Bachelor Consultancy Project and Empower Your Career

  • Take Part in the Bachelor Consultancy Project and Empower Your Career


    Are you ready for an exciting journey in the form of a consultancy project? Look no further! The Bachelor Consultancy Project, organised by MAEUR, is calling for ambitious students to join this exciting extracurricular project. In a group of 5 or 6 students, you will work on a business case from a real company, guided by strategy consultancy firm Eurékon.

    Starting in the end of September, you will have a kick-off with the other participants and Eurékon. Eurékon is a strategy consulting firm, that will guide you during the project. In this kick-off, they will also provide a short consultancy training. Next up there will be a meeting with the case company, for which you will solve a real business problem. From there, the real adventure begins! You will start with desk and field resarch, where you'll gather insights about the company and the market, combining internal knowledge with external sources. As you approach December, you will start preparing to present your work to the company, showcasing your hard work and problem-solving skills. In December/January it is your time to shine! You will present your final work to the company, which could even shape the company's future.

    With Eurékon's expert guidance and bi-weekly meetings, you will strive for the highest qualtiy.

    Don't miss this chance to gain practical consultancy experience! Apply now for the Bachelor Consultancy Project and brand your future with an exciting experience. For more information, check out the Bachelor Consultancy Project Page or reach out to Michael van Klompenburg at data@maeur.nl with any questions.