• MAEUR's Bachelor Consultancy Project has kicked off

    Michael van Klompenburg
    Performance-basedSkill development

    On Wednesday 27th of September, MAEUR's Bachelor Consultancy Project officially started. Six eager student consultants started their journey that would transform them into real student consultants. This exciting project will be supervised by Eurékon, a strategy consultancy firm, and Today's Milk, the company that provided the challenging research question to be solved in the coming months.

    The Bachelor Consultancy Project is a unique opportunity for a select group of six students to tackle a real-world research question posed by a real company. What sets this project apart is the guidance provided by real consultants from Eurékon. By participating in this project, these students are not only gaining invaluable consultancy experience, but also enhancing their CVs while honing their analytical and management skills.

    On September 27th, the students visited Eurékon for the project's official kick-off session. Eurékon, will be supervising and giving tips to the students throughout their journey in the Bachelor Consultancy Project. During this informative session, the students were equipped with practical knowledge and received a consultancy training from the experts at Eurékon. The training not only expanded their understanding of consultancy, but also provided them with actionable tips to prepare for the company kick-off session scheduled for the following day.

    On the early morning of Thursday, September 28th, the students were warmly welcomed by Today's Milk. After a long journey, the students arrived in Heeswijk-Dinther, ready to dive into the research question. During this interactive session, Today's Milk presented the research question that would be at the core of the students' work in the coming months. The session was characterized by insightful discussions, with the student consultants posing well-prepared questions that demonstrated their eagerness and dedication.

    With the guidance of Eurékon and the challenge presented by Today's Milk, the student consultants are now prepared to start their research. Over the next few months, they will work towards solving the research question and refining their skills. MAEUR's Bachelor Consultancy Project is off to a promising start.