Marketing Association EUR is one of the largest marketing study associations in the Netherlands and hosts a total of 11 different committees, a Bachelor Consultancy Project and an International Consultancy Project, each having their own objectives and responsibilities.

Our committees can be categorised as follows:

  • Event-based committees: these committees organize an event given later in the academic year (Advertising Day, International Marketing Trip, MAEUR Data & Analytics Convention, Speed Dating, Trend Event)
  • Project committees: these committees are doing a(n) (international) consultancy project for various companies (Bachelor Consultancy Project, International Consultancy Project Board)
  • Year around committees: these committees are active all year around and organize various activities and events throughout the year (Growth Hackers Committee, Activity Committee, Data Science & Marketing Analytics Committee, Marketing & Branding Committee and Marketing Management committee)

What is in it for you?

  • Professional development: joining a committee allows you to develop your leadership skills, problem-solving skills, improve your communication and time management skills and it allows you to continuously push yourself to grow professionally. Next to this, committee experience is a great plus on your CV and you will get to know many different companies in different industries.  
  • Personal development: joining a committee allows you to increase your social network, make friends, organise fun activities with your fellow MAEUR members and is overall a great addition to your student life here in Rotterdam.

Check out all our committees.

If you like to check out what events these committees organize, you can check out the Events & Activities page!


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