Past projects

Consultancy project 2023/2024:

Surpassing Expectations: MAEUR Consultancy Project Students Excel for Today's Milk

Imagine the thrill of not just contributing to a marketing model at the core of a business’ operations, but also being invited to spotlight your findings at the company’s business event to present your newly improved framework. This is the exciting journey our students embarked upon over the past 5 months in the MAEUR Consultancy Project.

A select group of ambitious and exceptionally talented students dove into the perspectivity model of Today's Milk. The project commenced in September with an inspiring kick-off at the Eurekon Strategy Development office, with a consultant from Eurékon that would guide the students through the project. Eurékon not only introduced our student consultants to each other but also equipped them with cutting-edge consultancy skills. The day concluded with an engaging session of jeu de boules at Mooie Boules.

The real challenge was presented at the company kick-off, where Today’s Milk unveiled the complex task awaiting our team. The goal? Refining their marketing model to more effectively understand client capabilities. Our students started with desk research and also conducted surveys and insightful interviews with major companies. The culmination of their efforts was an end presentation that received overwhelming praise from Today’s Milk. Furthermore, the student consultants were invited to present their findings at a business event of Today’s Milk.

Edward Diederen, Student Consultant 2023/2024: ''This project has introduced me to the field of consulting and has rapidly enhanced my skills. For me, this was decisive in choosing a career in strategy consulting.''

Applications are open for 2024/2025!